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RPG Vanitas

Version 3.10

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RPG Vanitas

atsushi ichikawa

Games, Role-Playing, Entertainment, Board

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"Blue sky princess" has been released!

Please enjoy the game for iPhone which optimized old RPG game for smartphone.
Following "adventure of the brave man" and "planet eaters"
The third of the RPG game for iPhone that you can play from 5 minutes a day
"Vanitas ~ Adventurers of the meadow ~" is released!

Just 5 minutes a day is not enough time! What?
Left-handed RPG game with high degree of completion is here.

You have given God a soul and body, and the body has reached a village.
Your adventure starts from there.
In that world, you can adventure as you like.

You can do your own favorite equipment.
You can nurture your favorite job.
Even if you can develop your own skills.

How you adventure is your freedom.

Eventually your body will be old.
In the meantime I will be old enough to stop adventure.
Then your soul leaves the body we are given and rehabilitates to the next body.

And you can continue adventure for generations.
Vanitas is an RPG game that enjoys such a world view.
Even in the distant continent you can not reach in your generation, there may be grounds where you can reach as many generations as you can.

- Game description -
In the city you can gather information on areas to adventure and invite other adventurers at the bar.
Also, in the city you can arrange various equipment.
Get information on areas that you can adventure and begin adventure once you have the equipment.

- adventure -
Adventurers will not come back for a while as they adventure.
While adventuring, if you leave it untouched, you will proceed with adventure without permission and get back with items and experience.
By selling items you gained in adventure and arranging new equipment, you will be able to get out more adventure far away.

- Job -
The adventurer who comes to adventure gains experience, the level of that job will rise.
You can learn various skills as job level rises.
The skills I got there will probably be only useful skills for adventure.
Each job can be raised to 15 levels.
I will learn powerful skills when raised to the end, but it will become increasingly difficult to grow when it is high level.

- Shrine -
If you proceed with your adventure for a while you will find a temple.
In the temple you can change your job.
Jobs that can be changed will depend on how you grow, so please go to the temple when you become strong.

- Skills -
Skills are something that can be memorized by jobs.
For example, if you are a warrior, you will learn skills that specialize in melee fighting.
If it is a wizard, I will memorize the magic of a single blow.
You can grow this skill if you continue to use it.

- World -
This world is wider and more free than you think.
Please do not stay in the first village, please go to a bigger city.
You will find a city that sells wonderful items than you think.

- Bar -
Most towns and villages have a bar.
There will be adventurers waiting for you to be invited at that bar.
If the adventurer you invited becomes old and you can not do adventure, please step in the bar again.
A new adventurer will be waiting for you.

- Season -
In this world, there is a season of "morning" "evening" "night".
Information obtained according to the season will change.
For example, the tavern let's collected information Oh night tavern not available during the day because there are many places that are open toward the night from the evening.

- monster -
Take a step away from the city and a heinous monster is waiting for you.
Especially there are often horrible monsters in the wilderness of the night, so let's adventure areas with a little difficulty when adventuring in the evening.

- annihilation -
It may be annihilated by terrible monsters.
However, even at such times you can revive by devoting "prayer" to God.
If there is no "prayer" by all means it will be revived with a new body by reincarnation.

Release notes

Thank you for always playing "Vanities-Grasslands Adventurer-".

TownSoft's latest work, "The Princess of Rose" has been released!

Thank you for playing from the delivery time.
I placed a phantom castle in front of Dream Castle to celebrate the release.

Thank you again this time.

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