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Magical Princess Pony Horse

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Magical Princess Pony Horse

Aniqa Saad

Games, Entertainment

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How you praise horse when you see it all dressUp and groomed at the Royal Palace Fashion Competition to gather funds for trust Equine charity. Magical Princess Pony Horse Care is a girls games which provides you with the opportunity of cleaning and dressing up stylish ponies and other beautiful animals. You can take them to the spa and do their magical makeup to later ride them to the club. The horse man can also accompany you. After playing at the barn the racehorse and the miniature horse gets messy. So it’s your job to handle their grooming and cleaning. For this essentially you would have to build friendship with the animals by feeding them food and being a lover to them. Take your magic curry brush and trimmer with you to give the animal coat a beautiful and elegant makeover. There is a doctor available in the castle premises all the time so if your magical pony has some flaw in its gallop then do get it checked. There may be something wrong with the pony hooves resulting in an uncomfortable canter.
Magical Princess Pony Horse Care will provide you with all the equipment and procedures of taking care of your beloved animals. Your skillful pet should be playable and lovable when it arrives at your birthday adventure party at your house. You would have to keep record of your unicorn life animal’s vaccination, veterinary conditions, deworm procedures and desensitizing the tools before using them. When it grazes, it should be fed with quality hay according to the breed and temperament. The foal would have to be kept in shelter at majority times for its protection and to make them calmer ponies. Animals training is also a major job and responsibility which is learned through these girls games. The horse should know well that it has to move along the horse man when he pulls the lead rope joint with the head collar.
Lets go through the main features of Magical Princess Pony Horse Care:-
• Take the animals to spa for makeup and dressUp
• Show off your stylish ponies at Fashion Competition, club and your birthday party
• Build a house and shelter for the foal
• Enjoy an adventure ride on racehorse under horse man supervision
• Take the magical ponies to the doctor for vaccination and desensitizing
• Build friendship with your skillful pet
• Make sure the miniature horse grazes proper food and quality hay
• Use magical curry brush and trimmer for their grooming of animal coat
• Take the foal to veterinary doctor to deworm
• Praise horse you see at the Royal Place and castle Trust Equine Charity show
• Provide necessary training to your playable and skillful pet
• Clean the messy barn to have good temperament, calmer ponies
• Know how to distinguish between a canter and a gallop of your horse breed
• Make the pony follow you by pulling lead rope attached to the head collar
• Its your job to take proper care of pony hooves aswell.
• Most fun filled girls games for pony lover
Can you imagine all the fun and adventure you are going to have at the Magical Princess Pony unicorn life Horse Care with all the stylish ponies. Take part and praise horse in Fashion Competition taking place at the club, royal palace or the castle or the trust Equine charity program. All the Horse lover take your racehorse to the spa for makeup and dressup. You can ride your horse as well as lead it with the lead rope attached to its head collar. Develop friendship among all the breed of different temperament. Make house and shelter for the miniature horse. Dont forget to use the magical trimmer and curry brush for the grooming of messy animal coat. Take the ponies to your birthday bash from the barn to make them playful entertainment for the friends. Make sure the horse grazes on quality hay and food. Your animal should be taken to veterinary doctor for vaccination, desensitizing, deworm procedure, and care of pony hooves. Proper training should be done to make calmer ponies. Learn to distinguish between canter and gallop of horses.

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