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Factory Method, LLC

Utilities, Lifestyle

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Use this app with the Zing Smart Night Light or supported remote buttons.

Zing Smart Night Light
Individually, each Zing is an awesome, full-color, plug-in night light with smartphone control and light effects. Packed with thoughtful features designed to help you see clearer, sleep better, and wake-up more refreshed. Zing is almost certainly the best night light ever made.

When used together as a system, Zing work together to learn routine and automatically illuminate your entire path. Conversely, Zing can notify you of unusual and suspicious movements via notifications on your phone. Zing can also act as a visual indicator for incoming calls and other smartphone events.

Release notes

Over the last month we've completely redesigned the navigation in the app (surprise right?). We've switched from one large list of devices to a new tabbed navigation.

Tabs Explained:
- Nearby: In the first tab you can find all the devices that you are physically near. This means that these lights are in bluetooth range and you can interact with them individually.
- Sites: To the right of the nearby tab are the site tabs. Any site you create will have its own tab. For example if you have Zing Night Lights at your house as well at at a family member's house, each physical location will have a dedicated tab. On each of the site tabs there are two main areas, the information tiles, and the activity feed. The information tiles show important site-wide information such as the average temperature and alert status. The activity feed shows all the motion events in the last 48 hours with unusual activity highlighted.

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