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Quick Sell Lite Calculator

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Quick Sell Lite Calculator


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Quick Sell Real Estate Calculator by Godspeed Investors is the tool for real estate investors to be able to do rapid back-of-the-envelope calculations infield to assess properties and assuage the fears of reluctant sellers.

Don't lose another deal to misunderstanding. Being able to demonstrate your calculations transparently to a home owner can mean the difference between closing and not.

The first page of Quick Sell Calculator calculates a fair offer for a property based on the after-repair market value of a property and assumed repair and closing costs. Page two compares the potential rental value of the same property to its market value from the previous page, as well as the monthly and yearly mortgage payments that could be expected based on the offer. Finally, the third page provides a detailed form allowing the user to do an in-depth analysis of a property's potential utility as a rental.

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