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Brief, solution-oriented counselling is the focus of OAS EAP service provision, with a view to problem solving of difficulties and encouraging the client to be proactive in developing strategies to resolve issues.

OAS is able to provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year Critical Incident Debriefing (CID) service. Our emergency counselling line allows employees to speak to an OAS Registered Psychologist and counsellors any time of the day or night.

This service is particularly useful for employees on shift work or those in occupations that may involve exposure to crisis or trauma outside of normal hours. Although OAS has witnessed many organisations has difficulties which are not a disaster but more so of a personal and internal crisis.

OAS Tactical Response to Critical Incidents
• Adherence to the group debriefing model of CISD
• Helping effected employees and non employee at the crisis point.
• Assisting all staff and management involved.
• Working with members of families affected by the incident (if required).
• Encouraging and facilitating the support groups.
• Training which is centred on how debriefing and crisis counselling can be more effective.
• Identifying and reducing stress.
• Provide follow up counselling as required

Our 24 hour emergency CIDS is co-ordinated by a Senior Psychologist based in the OAS Melbourne Office by calling 1300 55 40 11

Health Promotion Programs

Staff can improve productivity, decrease absenteeism and workers compensation claims by implementing OAS’s cost effective Health promotion programs.

Services include;
• Individual health risk assessments
• Organisational health surveys
• Employee health and wellbeing programs
• Health and wellbeing seminars - Stress, stop smoking, exercise and diet
• Comprehensive injury management
and rehabilitation programs
• Flu Vaccinations

Reporting and Liaison of CISD

Following a critical incident in the workplace, OAS will ensure that your organisation is provided with a non-identifying statistical report that:
• identifies trends and issues
• makes recommendations re: management of issues
• provides strategies for prevention

Release notes

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