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Volleyball Drill Down

Version 2.0.2

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Volleyball Drill Down

Neil Daly


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Volleyball Drill Down doesn't make the drills, it makes the drills better! Create a competitive cauldron by tracking team or individual scores for any or all of the drills you run.

Good coaches know that practices are better if the drills are competitive. Just make the drill into a game and keep a score. If you do so, players will be more engaged, try harder, and have more fun! With Volleyball Drill Down, keeping track of those scores is a breeze!

Just tap on a Practice that you've created and then, during the practice, enter scores for any or all of the drills. Track scores for the team, individual players, or both. Volleyball Drill Down will maintain season-long averages, 10-day averages, and top scores for each of your players and for the team. And it will determine the top performers for each of your drills and for each drill category.

At the end of each practice, AirDrop or email individual practice stats to players, parents, and other coaches. You can also review and share season stats.

Use Volleyball Drill Down to randomly group and select players. With just a couple taps you'll have teams ready to go for today's 5-10-5 shuttle relay or for the next session of Free-Ball Frenzy!

With this free version of Volleyball Drill Down, you can input as many player names and drills as you'd like, and create up to 3 practice schedules and 5 random groupings. If you find it helpful (and you will), and would like to create an unlimited number of practices and groupings, you can easily upgrade to the full version for just $4.99!

Bring your team's analytics (and fun) to a whole new level with Volleyball Drill Down!

Release notes

We've added a standardized scoring option. You will now have the option to display overall and category averages based on raw scores or standardized scores.

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