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Paul Bennie

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Keeping track of your cash is a breeze with CashTracker. So simple and easy to will wonder how you ever did without it!

* Keep track of cash in your safe, cookie jar or wallet
* Keep track of your debit card purchases and balance
* Keep track of your ATM withdrawals and balance
* Keep track of loans to family or friends, IOU’s etc
* Use whenever you want to keep track of your cash simply and easily

It's easy to keep track of your bank accounts and balances but what about your cash? Do you keep some cash on hand for emergencies or to save for a special event or project. Maybe you have a home safe, a hidden cookie jar or some other special place. The problem is, it's easy to forget about and especially, remember how much you have there.

With CashTracker you can easily keep track of all your cash, where and how much you have. It's also great for debit and atm card accounts. Keep a running total of your spending and withdrawals independently of your bank and avoid overdrawing.

It's designed to be simple and easy to use, and keep track of your bank and cash balances. All transactions are recorded in a transactions log, however note that this is not a comprehensive expense tracker whereby your expenses are categorised. It simply keeps track of your cash...

Always know exactly where and how much cash you have with CashTracker!

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