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SharkMate is a tool for Australians to increase safety when entering and enjoying our beautiful beaches. SharkMate calculates the risk of a shark attack based upon a range of environmental and geographical factors which have been proven to increase the likelihood of a shark attack. This data is translated into a likelihood score (a number out of ten) which indicates the current risk of a shark attack at hundreds of beaches around Australia. We hope you use this information to make an informed decision regarding the beach that you choose to swim at.

With over 100 beaches, SharkMate is a free scientific based shark attack mitigation solution which updates in real-time to provide you with the information necessary to keeping safe in the ocean.

SharkMate uses -
- Presence of life guards
- Historical shark data
- Water temperature
- Rainfall
- Recent sightings
- River proximity
- Tidal information
- Time of day
- Sunrise/Sunset
- Real-time Twitter data
- Shark buoy data
- Presence of shark nets

... among other factors, to develop a likelihood score, a number out of 10, to rank the relative risk of a shark attack at each beach.

SharkMate was created with the intention to change the world. The socially accepted notion that sharks are monsters in our oceans that intend to harm humans has led to the creation of SharkMate. It is precisely this fear which has threatened the future existence of sharks. SharkMate hopes to diminish this phobia by educating the population with data needed to stay safe in our oceans.

*The SharkMate analytics page is a premium feature. The cost is equal to AU$2.99.

Release notes

Search - A new feature of the SharkMate app. Search for any of the 100+ beaches currently available.

Also includes bug fixes and small improvements.

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