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CoreX Therapy Pro

Version 1.1

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CoreX Therapy Pro

Perfect Practice, Inc.

Health & Fitness, Sports

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CoreX Therapy Pro is a patented core stability training system developed by a Biomechanical Engineer and Doctor of Physical Therapy. The result is core stability training that is more functional, more quantitative, and more effective than anything else on the market.
CoreX Therapy Pro is all about taking principles of core stability and posture training and applying them to everyday activities and exercises. The biofeedback app is like having a trainer always with you, providing real-time feedback on your movement and exercise posture and balance. This allows you to immediately correct your body position, with detailed core muscle activation, to enhance the exercise and movements you perform.

Product Features:
* Requires CoreX Therapy Pro Bluetooth LE sensor. Purchase at
* Customize biofeedback based on your skill level. From Beginner to Advanced, the customizable “Alert” threshold allows you to train at the right level for you.
* Track exercise and movements in standing, sitting, prone and supine postures.
* Utilize CoreX Therapy Pro with multiple exercises and movements keeping track of your historical performance.
* Take advantage of CoreX Cloud services (In-App purchase, monthly and annual options available) to enjoy these valuable features:
- View historical exercise and movement performance graphed by activity, posture and level of difficulty
- Access your results on all of your iOS devices
- Backup all of your data so you never lose it!

Enjoy using CoreX Therapy Pro to perfect your core’s contribution to exercise and movements.

Release notes

Bug fixes for iPad

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