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f.Alt - A Variant of "Alt"

Version 1.0

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f.Alt - A Variant of "Alt"

Andre Nicolai

Utilities, Productivity

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Have you ever had problems hitting the intended key on your keyboard?
By breaking with the classic keyboard design, I hope to offer a solution to this problem.
Yes, f.Alt strays off the holy path that is QWERTY.
Not by much, though.

The idea behind f.Alt is to simply split the three character rows in two, giving each key more horizontal space.
Yes, the resulting six character row design is also higher than the standard touch keyboard.
But with a combination of the portrait lifestyle and screen designs moving to 2:1 aspect ratios, I think there is enough vertical space to compensate for this.

Have a go at it and let me know what you think.

There is one additional feature you need to know about:
Similar to the gesture added to iPad keyboards with iOS 11 (swipe down a key to access a second character), most keys on “Alt” come with two characters
* the main, which can be entered by simply tapping it
* a second one - displayed with a smaller font size - that can be accessed by moving the pressed down finger off the key
In contrast to the iOS 11 gesture, you can swipe in any direction to enter that second character.
As an example, if you swipe off the “q” key (the first one in the upper left), you enter the number “1”.

To switch to another keyboard, tap the second key on the bottom left. The one with the globe symbol.

f.Alt - A Variant of "Alt" screenshot onef.Alt - A Variant of "Alt" screenshot twof.Alt - A Variant of "Alt" screenshot threef.Alt - A Variant of "Alt" screenshot four