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Torch Fit

Version 6.3.0

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Torch Fit


Health & Fitness

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With the TorchFit App, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your personal trainer.

Download the app today and be sure to check out our website at

Release notes

We've been hard at work bringing you some new upgrades! See what's new:

- the MyFitnessPal integration now syncs full meal details
- the Fitbit and Withings integration screens now include an option to "sync now"
- new default values for daily nutrition goals with full macros: 40% for carbs, 30% for protein and 30% for fat
- timestamps have been added to progress tiles on the client dashboard
- a new default rest time of 90sec and the removal of redundant rests in supersets
- a new onboarding flow (that includes a demo client with pre-built data) has been introduced to help trainers better learn how to use the app

We've also released fixes for the following issues:

- progress photos not fully loading
- meal plans not loading
- extremely long (>5 years) training plans not loading
- custom cardio exercises not playing video
- exercise videos pausing after 1sec during interval workouts
- the app unexpectedly closing during interval workouts
- users being logged out after the app unexpectedly closed
- notification sounds were too quiet
- older phones or phones running a lower OS not displaying the workout tracker correctly
- "null" was displayed in meal details if the food entered didn't have an associated brand
- a tool-tip was appearing in a strange location in the workout tracker
- push notifications about trainers updating a client's calendar not responding to tap
- group notification global settings missing

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