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Sushant Randive

Social Networking

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We all are GLOODTO certain things in life. It could be a ‘Book’ that we just cannot seem to put down, or a ‘TV Series’ that we are deeply engrossed in. It can be a ‘Movie’ that has enthralled us, or perhaps some ‘Music’ that we just love grooving to. Our GLOODTOs definitely make our lives more fun, fulfilling and exciting!

Now imagine a social network where we can showcase all these GLOODTOs of ours. A place where we can exhibit our experiences in them. See what others are saying about their GLOODTOs and connect with people who have similar GLOODTOs as us. For example, showcase our favorite TV Series and on which episode we are currently on, or perhaps showcase books that we are currently reading and add bookmarks to show till where we have read the book. Maybe list out our favorite movies or share our music taste and the best part, see what our buddies have showcased as their favorites.

Well ‘GLOODTO’ is exactly this! It brings to you a world of POSTERS and STICKERS where you can:-
a) Showcase what you are GLOODTO with POSTERS
b) Share your GLOODTO experiences with distinctive STICKERS
c) See what others on the network are GLOODTO
d) Find people you may know.
e) Build your own social network of BUDDIES and FOLLOWERS
f) Respond to others’ stickers with ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’
g) Enjoy as others respond to your STICKERS

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