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One Minute Block Puzzle

Version 1.4

Content Rating 4+

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One Minute Block Puzzle

Nirav Alagiya

Games, Casual

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Minute To Win It - Balance Block Pyramid Challenge

A physics-based skill/puzzle game. Balance the stack of blocks to the target area.
Challenging enough for older children, but easy enough for everyone to join in the fun!

Balance pyramid of wooden blocks, ice blocks, Girls, Boys, and Panner.
It seems very simple but difficult game to play.

One Minute Block Puzzle Game is really simple but difficult game because of its very realistic physics. The goal of the game is building the pyramid by tapping on the screen.

How to Play
1. Stack up the blocks and construct the pyramid
2. Build the pyramid as fast as you can. Be careful about balancing.

- Very fun and enjoyable game
- 15 interesting levels
- Rhythm music and beautiful graphics
- Suitable for players of all age
- Tiny game size and run well
- A physics-based game, challenge your accuracy and timing ability

The game is about building a pyramid from blocks, ice cubes, girls, boys, and paneer cubes.

The classic stack and crash game! Want a game experience that combines physics, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck?

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