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Heges 3D Scanner

Version 1.2.4

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Heges 3D Scanner

Marek Simonik

Photo & Video, Entertainment

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Create 3D scans using the 3D camera in your iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro or an iPad Pro with TrueDepth camera! Export scans into STL and PLY, share them and more. On other devices you can use the ordinary camera mode or the Screen Sharing feature.

The app is divided into two modes:

= 3D Scanner (requires In-App Purchase)
- available only for the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro and iPad Pro with TrueDepth camera as an In-App Purchase (Why? Read more at the bottom.)

- create 3D models by scanning everyday objects
using the front-facing TrueDepth camera

- after scanning, export the models into PLY (with colors)
and STL (without colors) file formats

- share exported models via built-in Wi-Fi server

- view the models in AR

- you can scan in pitch-dark environment!

- choose from the available scanning precisions — the higher
the precision, the shorter the scanner range

- objects in scanner range are highlighted in the live view

- switch to the passive Night Vision where there're no
explicit restrictions on the scanner range

- use the volume buttons as camera toggle

- share screen with another device so that you can better see what you're scanning (double-tap the video preview to enable it)

Instructions for the 3D scanner:
- move slowly when scanning

- make sure that most of the captured scene is within
the scanner range

- please read the FAQ at

The scanner isn't perfect and can fail when moving too fast or scanning a challenging environment (e.g. glass surfaces cannot be captured due to the nature of the TrueDepth sensor).

= Back-facing camera mode
- available for all devices

- manual camera focus

- sharing photos via built-in Wi-Fi server

= Why don't you just make the app paid up front? Why the annoying In-App Purchase?

TL;DR: Apple doesn't allow this yet.

I absolutely agree with you — I wish I could make it paid up front (it would save me a lot of time), but Apple wouldn't approve the app or people with unsupported phones would get angry.

To create 3D scans, Heges requires that your iPhone or iPad has the 3D-sensing (TrueDepth) camera – the same one that is used by FaceID.

However, some older iPhones and iPads do not have these cameras (and are therefore unsupported). The problem is that Apple doesn't allow developers to restrict apps only for the supported devices with FaceID (many developers, including myself, have written them more than 2 years ago about this, without resolution). This means that you are able to download Heges in the App Store also on unsupported devices such as the iPhone 6S. As a developer, I can only check if your iPhone/iPad is supported once you open Heges.

If I made Heges paid up-front, a person with iPhone 6S could purchase Heges, only to find out that it won't run on their phone (because iPhone 6S doesn't have the 3D (TrueDepth) camera) — I don't know about you, but I would be infuriated.

So in order NOT to "scam" people with unsupported devices, I decided to solve this problem with In-App Purchases: when you open Heges, it checks if your device is supported. If it is, you will be able to buy it. If you have an unsupported device, the "Buy" button will NOT appear so that you cannot accidentally purchase it.

If you have any questions just drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll be happy to help you :)!

Release notes

Improved app description.

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