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Quiet - Calm, Sleep, Relax

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Quiet - Calm, Sleep, Relax


Health & Fitness

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Quiet is the #1 app for relaxation and mindfulness to calm you down, ease your mind and meditate, relieve your stress and anxiety, better sleep with our peaceful music and soothing nature sounds, focus on the present moment with our guided meditation audio.

Download Quiet and bring peace to your mind!

Quiet is completely FREE and has No Ads!

Quiet is the perfect mindfulness app for people who practice meditation regularly and who don't want to pay a fortune for an app.

Guided meditation sessions are available in various lengths: small, medium or long sessions so you can choose the perfect length to fit your needs.

Meditation sessions focus on:

* Breathing

Coming soon:
* Relieving Stress and Anxiety
* Better Sleep
* Focus and Awareness
* Happiness
* Body Scan
* Tension Release
* Sitting Meditations
* Mindful Yoga and Movement
* Guided Imagery
* Guided Mindfulness Exercises

Also featuring:
* Soothing nature sounds: rains, waves, trees, forest, waterfall, fireplace and many more...
* Music to help you focus, quiet your mind and sleep

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Release notes

Enjoy our newest Free Guided Meditation feature, narrated by top recognized mindfulness experts.
We also launched more nature sounds and music tracks to help you quiet your mind, focus and sleep.

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