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Joe Caporuscio

Utilities, Education

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iDecipher is used to create simple encoded messages using different encryption techniques.

'Letter Shift' creates an encoded message using a simple shift cipher. A shift cipher replaces each letter in the message with a different letter in the alphabet a fixed number of positions ahead of that letter. For instance, a shift of "Fun" by 1 would be "Gvo". The 'F' goes to a 'G', the 'u' goes to 'v', and the 'n' goes to the letter 'o'.

Shift cipher messages can also be solved in the app by pasting the encoded message into the 'Message Solver' section. This will print all possible deciphered messages and highlight the one that has actual words in it.

You can also easily type messages where the word is typed backwards in the 'Backwards Letters' section.

For the final 'Letters to Numbers' section, each letter you type gets a corresponding number. 'A' is 1, 'B' is 2, all the way up to 'Z' being 26.

Sgzmjr enq cnvmknzchmf zmc gzud etm!
(Shift each letter by 1 in the alphabet to solve)

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