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Quranic Words

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Quranic Words

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Top 630 of the most repeatedly used words in Quran make upto 80% of the entire text of Quran. This means if you can learn only these words you'd have learned 80% of the words in Quran. QuranicWords has organised these 630 words in the form of easy to learn Lessons, to help you set on a fast tack of building Quranic Vocabulary.

You can measure how good you're doing by taking tests for each Chapter. Each chapter consists of about 10 to 15 words, making it easier to learn and make progress.

The App is intended for the Audience who can already read Arabic but face challenges with the meaning and vacabulary. It helps you speed up your Arabic vocabulary building conquest, by focusing on the most repeatedly used words first.

Words in this App are taken from the book:
"80% of Quranic Words"
Compiled By: Dr. AbdulAzeez AbdulRaheem

1) This App is a human effort and it was developed with the best intentions. Any mistake in the content is unintentional. If you find any mistake please notify at: "[email protected]"

2)The purpose of this App is to help you easily build Quranic Vocabulary by focusing on learning the most repeatedly used words in Quran.

3)In order to completely understand the message of Quran, it is advised to learn Quran from teachers and consult Arabic Grammer books.

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Improvements in results screen, which make more creative visual experience.

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