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Fat Be Gone

Version 2.1

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Fat Be Gone

Kaleb Cooper

Health & Fitness, Food & Drink

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Fat Be Gone is designed for people who have always struggled to lose weight or to get healthier. At the end of the day, in order to lose weight, we must eat fewer calories than we burn. Many people do not know how many calories are in their food, how many calories they burn from running, or how many calories they have to eat to lose weight. Fat Be Gone fixes all of these problems with ease.

With Fat Be Gone you can:
-Search through a database containing highly accurate nutritional data on general foods or even specific food items from popular restaurants.
-Scan barcodes from food items that you purchase at grocery stores in order to save time trying to search for it.
-Create custom MultiMeals which allows you to add multiple food items to your meal and see how it effects your daily calorie goal in real time!
-Track your total calorie intake and total calories burned from activity using the built in iOS Health App.
-Easily calculate your total BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) based on formulas using your age, gender, activity level, height, and weight.
-Create custom notification reminders so that you never forget to log your calories again!
-Log your weight over time and see a beautiful graph showing your progress.
-Change App wide color themes if you prefer one of many options over the default theme.

Release notes

-New BMI feature: See your BMI on a scale based on your height and weight, and even test out different weights to see what you need to weigh to reach your BMI goals!
-New Macro/Micro feature: See basic level recordings of your macronutrient and micronutrient intake.
-What's Nearby: See nearby restaurants and their food offerings!

-Account creation bug, you are now able to properly select any activity level.
-General speed improvements and overall app consistency.

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