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Hugo Star Limited

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PAR (Plans Advance Reader) is a reader for images and documents. In PAR, VR technology is adopted to facilitate reading in a more humanized fashion. A virtual reality is constructed using internally built sensors with smooth control of the viewing screen, including zooming in and out, without the annoying need of sweeping fingers over the screen.

When you are looking at a piece of drawing and you want to look at the details, instead of seeing just one part of the drawing at a time, PAR will allow you a maximized free movement of the magnified window across the drawing. In comparison to the traditional way of using fingers to move the window over the drawing bit by bit, PAR can allow you to position the drawing virtually and allow the phone screen to scan out the whole virtual scene. The cell phone thus acts as a window between the real and virtual world. PAR thus helps you to grasp a wholesome perception of the drawing and allow you to view and comprehend the image in a more humanized manner.

PAR works with an angular motion of your hand. You can manipulate the virtual camera by panning, swinging, tilting or flipping the phone. To get a broad panoramic view of an image, one can pan the cell phone to imitate a wide-angle view of the different parts of the image through a stationary camera.

Hand movement is projected along a path with curvature. Training can be done within seconds because the gentle curvature comes naturally with the movement of our arms. The shake-to-zoom function is unique to this app. It replaces the traditional finger sweeping and inch-to-zoom function. Therefore, PAR is a comprehensive image/document reader for mobile phone users.

This new mode of control is generally identified with the following four types of motion:

1. Panning – pan the virtual camera window across the image/document smoothly.
2. Swinging and tilting –manouvre the virtual camera window across the image/document rapidly.
3. Flipping – focus the center of the virtual camera window back to the middle.
4. Shaking – zoom in or out.

PAR supports all kinds of image files like PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. Simply allow PAR to access your Gallery, then all incoming or existing files will be viewable with the PAR functions.

PAR comes in two modes - one for viewing images/drawings, and the other for reading documents. The former allows free movement across the image/drawing in all directions. The latter permits horizontal movement only but gives extra stability of the screen thus generating reading comfort for you, with the degree of stability of the screen entirely at your discretion. The selection of reading mode is ready for your choice once you open a file.

The control panel is a special / unique design. The upper part of the control circle represents the all-direction mode (for drawing), and the lower part of the control circle represents the horizontal mode (for document). From left to right is a gradation of response for users’ selection. “Fluid” on the left gives fast response to the motion of the device. “Stagnant” on the right gives a delayed response and a swaying effect. The moon shaped button on the right-hand bottom engages/disengages the control panel.

For inexperienced users, a tutorial video will be presented during the first time when the app is being used, and the tutorial video can be recalled under the "Setting" function for later reference.

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