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Guangzhou Qianfeng Food Co., Ltd.


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Qing VPN is a VPN network accelerator


We do not collect or use any of your data. Please use it with confidence and read and agree to our user agreement before using it.

=======[Feature] ======

- [First Technology, Extremely Stable] App technology integrates kernel acceleration, KCPTun black technology, and reverse proxy technology, making full use of every KB of the network, reaching the network speed limit, and increasing the anti-jamming capability of the reverse proxy technology by 10+ times. .

- [No registration, unlimited device] Use the same Apple ID to purchase. After opening the keychain, you can use it on multiple devices.

- [Multinational lines, unlimited traffic] Provides lines for multiple countries, does not limit traffic, and does not need to worry about the problem of running out of traffic.

- [Smart shunt, global mode] Built-in smart shunt and global mode switch to switch the network mode you want.

- [Today's Components, Simple and Convenient] After adding a widget, you no longer need to open the App to directly switch, switch routes,and switch the global mode.

=====[User Agreement and Privacy Policy] ======

Release notes

- Added features: Watch ads for free to increase member usage time
- Fixed some bugs
- Updated core network library
- Updated third-party library

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