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Idol - 以粉丝为驱动的服务平台

Version 2.2.1

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Idol - 以粉丝为驱动的服务平台

Idol Entertainment Ltd.

Social Networking, Entertainment

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Idol APP is a fan-driven entertainment community lettingt fans easily and instantly understand the social dynamics of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc and learn about the dynamics of their idols anytime and anywhere.

- Special functions -

1. Comet Dynamic: Star’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Social Dynamic Instant Reminder

2. Star companionship: Daily sign-in to accompany the star every day;

3. Star Video: Make a close contact with the star making you closer to idol;

4. Welfare activities: meeting tickets, concert tickets, signature photos, albums, etc., surprise you all the time;

More interesting columns, please look forward to us

Release notes

1. To optimize the user experience
2. The fix known bugs

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