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Dive to Abyss

Version 1.7

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Dive to Abyss

insoo bae

Games, Action, Casual

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Part 1 : Prologue ]===================================

I feel I'm losing my memory. The bad dragon, what did he do to me?
I can't remember at all after the fight with him.
What is in this hugh hole that my grandpa said to me.. whatever.. I will get to know when I go down into the hole.

We have to practice some skills to explore this hole. Especially, you'd better master 'Double jump' and 'Rope' skill that is so useful, then practice hard.
You look that you want to go down quickly even at any minute now. For that, you got to be accustomed with basic skills well.
Road signs will be helpful for you to move. I will go first to prepare something. So this is time for you alone. I hope you to come down well.

Good luck you

Release notes

Control key Improving
Difficuty Improving

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