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Back & neck physio by Reach

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Back & neck physio by Reach

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Tackle the root causes of back and neck pain so you can manage and overcome pain for the long-term - physiotherapy exercises, pain education material and real physiotherapists to guide you at every step.

A 3-month personalised programme to help you overcome back or neck pain and stay active for the long-term. Reach is the only full physiotherapy app, so you no longer have to wait for and attend any in-person consultations.

Your physiotherapist and app guide you through our 4 phases of recovery, to tackle the root causes of your back and neck pain. We build up your strength and your understanding of pain and your body, giving you the tools and belief to overcome and manage pain now and in the future.

We start with an assessment of your back or neck pain through a comprehensive set of questions and movement tests, which we review to create and get you started on your customised recovery exercise plan.

Now you are up and running we’re looking to cement your regular exercise and learning routine. Reach will measure and track your pain improvements with our physio check-ins and progress graphs.

As your back or neck pain reduces we start to build your strength and tolerance to load and stress, while also teaching you more about back pain and your body for the long-term.

You’ll likely be feeling little to no back or neck pain now and this phase is about making you even stronger than before and ingraining your active habits to reduce the chance of your back pain recurring.

Reach is your guide to reclaiming a more active lifestyle. Let’s start your road to recovery from back pain now.


1. Are you a registered physiotherapy provider?
YES. We are fully authorised to offer the Reach Physiotherapy service in the UK and the rest of Europe through our registration with the Danish Medicines Agency as an authorised Medical Device. We also have European CE Mark approval as a Medical Device and adhere to required patient medical records and personal data security.

2. Do I need to see someone in person so they can physically treat my pain?
NO. The majority of evidence shows that exercises done often and progressively, deliver better recovery results than physical hands-on treatment, and physiotherapy is moving in the direction of exercises to build strength and tolerance as the most important factor to recovery. You can message chat your physios at any time, so you always have access to an expert. If we feel you need to see someone in person we will recommend the best step for you and your pain.


1. Pay upfront for your 3-month programme and save 25% - £44.99 for a 3 month subscription (equivalent to £14.99 a month).
2. Pay monthly subscription - £19.99 a month.

After your first 3 months you have the choice to continue paying monthly if you would like our continued support.

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Release notes

We have fixed several bugs and optimised the app to perform better than ever. Enjoy your daily exercises :)

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