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Dog Food Guide - Eat or Avoid

Version 1.0

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Dog Food Guide - Eat or Avoid

Pontus Hilding

Health & Fitness, Food & Drink

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Are you like me? Can't resist giving your four-legged friend a bite of a good meal you are having? Constantly letting him or her eat what you are eating, thinking that if it is not bad for me it can't be bad for the dog? You are not alone!

But did you know that some "people food" can be life threatening to our favorite buddies? A few grapes can for example be the difference between life and death for dogs. Who actually knew that almonds causes diarrhea, macadamia nuts can cause dog depression while peanuts are totally fine? As dogs are inclined to love things that tastes good even if it means they will suffer later, it is your responsibility to make sure that he or she only eats safe food.

Keeping track of every single food might have seemed like an impossible task. Until now. Here is the app that will be your dogs new favorite friend! The app that lets you continue feeding him or her the beloved kitchen scraps or food but now in a safe way!

Search or scroll for a meal or ingredient and instantly get the an answer if it is safe, should be eaten with care or be avoided all together! You always have the information close at hand and only a tap away!

But there's more! The app also contains a food quantity guide that calculates the daily intake your dog should eat based on the its weight, age and activity level! It also provides you will guidelines of how to determine if your dog has a healthy weight.

Do yourself and your dog a big favor and stop feeding him or her dangerous and intoxicating food unknowingly!

Happy dog!

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