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Fruit Rockets Multiplication

Version 1.3

Content Rating 4+

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Fruit Rockets Multiplication

Quackenworth Inc

Education, Action, Casual, Games

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"Makes math practice fun . . . . Whether for use in the classroom or at home, Fruit Rockets provides repeated practice necessary to learn."
-- The Educational App Store

4-star rating by the Educational App Store!

" . . . . the vibrant presentation makes the math practice more fun . . . . Most children can benefit from practicing times tables and the more attractive the experience is made, the better. Whether for use in the classroom or at home, Fruit Rockets is a fine app to provide this repeated practice necessary to learn."
-- Educational App Store

“Fruit Rockets is an inexpensive, colorful app . . . . that encourages choosing the correct answer over tapping at random by awarding points and achievements.”
-- Moms With Apps

Fruit Rockets is a math game that makes learning Multiplication and Division facts fun and easy. It contains fun characters, engaging animations, and sound effects that keep kids coming back for more! The game has been proven to keep kids engaged in learning multiplication facts and will boost your child’s math confidence and test scores.

• 40 combined multiplication and division levels, plus an unlimited number of practice problems.
• Kids can practice each multiplication and division facts separately ( 2’s: 2 x 4, 2 x 5, 2 x 7, etc.) as well as practice randomly (random facts: 4 x 4, 2 x 9, 10 x 3, etc.).
• MULTIPLICATION LEVEL - Multiplication section covers multiplication facts 0-12.
• DIVISION LEVEL - Division section covers division facts 0-12.
• PRACTICE SECTION - Practice section with an unlimited number of problems. Levels of difficulty include easy, medium, and hard.
• AWARDS - Earn math awards as you progress through each level.
• BONUS POINTS - Earn bonus points for special math accomplishments.
• PASSING A LEVEL - Kids must get 80% of the problems correct to pass to the next level.
• FREE WORKSHEETS – Fruit Rockets has FREE companion worksheets that can be downloaded from our website. They allow children to practice multiplication and division facts on over 75 worksheets.

• Improves recognition of common multiplication and division facts.
• Builds math confidence.
• Provides a strong foundation for more advanced elementary math.

Recommended for
• Children 8 and above
• Third grade and up
• Students who need help with memorizing times tables

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Release notes

Thank you for downloading Fruit Rockets Multiplication, rated 4-stars by The Educational App Store and the best way to learn multiplication facts!
This version includes:
• General bug fixes and performance improvements.
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