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Version 1.7.0

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Blair McArthur

Weather, Lifestyle

GBP 1.99

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WeatherRules is a weather app at heart but it combines that with the ability to create rules based on various weather measurements. WeatherRules isn’t just for clothing, it can be used for any weather-based decision.

- Measurement: a measurement taken of weather, e.g. Temperature
- Symbol: greater than, greater than or equal to, equal to, less than or equal to, less than + more
- Condition: a measurement + a symbol + a value, e.g. When Temperature is greater than 15°C
- Rule: One or more conditions and a name for your rule, e.g. “Put on Sunscreen” when Temperature is greater than 15°C

- Create rules based on various weather measurements (15+ different measurements).
- Rules can include as many conditions as you can think of.
- View forecasts for today, 13 days into the past (swipe right!) and 7 days into the future (swipe left!).
- Forecasts include ‘Feels-like’ temperature, cloud cover (%), wind gust, wind direction, chance of precipitation (%), humidity, current time and sun altitude. They displayed in a graph (as shown in the above screenshots).
- Two Today Extensions are included, one for today’s forecast displayed in a graph and another for the met rules for today. Both extensions are identical to what is displayed in the app itself.
- Time Settings allow you to define a time range for when your rules should be evaluated and how they should be reported (in hourly intervals or once for the entire time range)
- Rule groups allow you to define how mutually exclusive rules are reported. When multiple mutually exclusive rules are met by a forecast only the rule with the higher priority (lower number) is reported.
- Two measurement systems (metric or imperial), located in the settings screen which can be accessed by tapping the white cog in the toolbar below the forecasts.

Release notes

- Added A New Combined Today Extension which shows the forecast or met rules for today as well as past and future dates.
- The Rules and Legend buttons on Today Extensions now navigate to the Rules/Legend screen in the app when tapped.

WeatherRules screenshot oneWeatherRules screenshot twoWeatherRules screenshot threeWeatherRules screenshot four