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DIY Fluffy Slime Maker

Version 1.4

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DIY Fluffy Slime Maker

chen yulu

Games, Family, Entertainment, Role-Playing

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Like playing slime? Yep, slime is so popular among all the girls and boys. Have you ever made it by yourself? No matter yes or no. today, you can start being a super slime maker. DIY the slime not as others did. You are the most talented guy ever. Come on now, Let’s get started.

How to play:

- Add & Mix all the ingredients together. Borax, water. Clear glue, water and food coloring. Of course, you can choose the color you like most.
- Combine them together. Add the borax with water little by little. Make your slime fluffy.
- Use your hand to make the slime more fluffy in the bowl.
- Add some foam beads. There are so many colors. You can pick the one you like most.
- Use your hand to make the foam beads and the slime together. Then you get the brand new fluffy slime.
- Time for fun. Play with your fluffy slime in any way you like.
- Invite your friends to play together. You two would have a slime fight.
- Enjoy the crazy fluffy slime fun and share with your friends and family.

Release notes

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Slime is online for you!
More trendy fluffy slime are released:
Glitter Slime In The Dark
Make-up Slime - Give your slime an incredible make-up.

And Galaxy slime & Crazy emoji slime will be released soon.
Thanks for staying with us.

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