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DriveBuy REI

Go Driving for Dollars LLC

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Think you need a ton of money to get started investing in real estate? Think again!

One of the most frequently recommended methods to get started in real estate investment is to "drive for deals." As a new investor, you hit the streets and go driving in real neighborhoods, learning your markets at the most basic level and keeping an eye out for properties with investment potential where you might be able to land a deal.

Many investors are reluctant to go driving, because the process has been all by hand and very time consuming. But we've created a system that makes it as easy as possible for investors to identify, track, research and market to owners of off-market properties. We've brought the power of technology to the "driving for deals" process, allowing you to research and manage potential leads, track the routes you've driven, and create contact lists for direct mail marketing.

Say goodbye to pen, paper, county assessor websites and expensive third party lead lists — and stop losing the best off market properties to your competition! Whether you stumble on a random lead while you're out and about, or invest serious time hunting houses, our tools make your work a snap. Gone are the days of driving all day to find properties spending all night researching data. With the DriveBuy REI app, the leads you find are researched instantly, and the data is always at your fingertips.

Finally, time is on your side! As investors, we wear many hats and don't have as many hours. Get control of your time by leveraging our tools to do the dirty work for you. Be the first point of contact with motivated sellers, giving you the upper hand and getting your hands on more deals — before your competition even gets the mailer out!

Success speaks for itself. With real-time tracking and a complete history of your leads and routes, you'll always have your data at a glance. DriveBuy REI takes a process that was once difficult and tedious, and makes it efficient and rewarding. Grab the app and start driving today!

Release notes

- Options to inspect the leads with options like Street Rank, Lead Value, Visual Inspection are optional now.
- Minor bug fixes

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