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From Here To Where

Version 0.2.0

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From Here To Where

Halsey Solutions

Entertainment, Music

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From Here To Where is a location-aware audio installation commissioned for Re/Call, a weekend-long event that "celebrates the natural environment, embraces the intersection of art and nature, and lingers between the ethereal and tangible".

The piece takes listeners on an audio journey from a world dominated by anthropogenic sounds to one filled with natural sounds while they travel from Denver to Buffalo Peaks Ranch. It is the hope that listening to From Here To Where while journeying to Re/Call will prepare visitors for the events and landscape they will experience.

From Here To Where uses location data from the iOS device to create a dynamic audio stream that changes based on where the listener is located and the path they are traveling. In this way, participants can travel as fas or slow as they want while retaining the intended link between soundscape and landscape.

Release notes

- added offline listening to static stream
- updates to connectivity error messages

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