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LangJet: fun language learning

Version 1.1

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LangJet: fun language learning



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Imagine learning new words fast and easy on a flying adventure in the sky...

Get ready for a language learner mission making memorizing words a piece of cake!

Do you want to learn different languages for free? Are you looking for an easy language learning method?

You are at the right place - welcome to the language learner paradise!

We all love learning languages, but we all hate studying vocabulary the hard way. It's slow and boring.

How about a language game that helps you learn different languages insanely fast and easy?

LangJet, formerly known as Space Polyglot, can make this language learner dream come true with a new easy language learning method. It aims to help any language learner acquire vocabulary without effort in an inovative way.

All you need to do is get on your aircraft and start flying it, avoiding crashes with wrong translations and flying obstacles that will challenge your skills. Simply navigate your plane hitting the correct translations and the words will magically stick to your mind - it's as easy as that.

A product of academic research, this fun interactive game applies special teaching strategies based on a UNESCO-recognized easy language learning methodology for superfast vocabulary memorizing. With this free lite version you can learn different languages very fast, memorizing up to 50 words and understanding a short text in a matter of minutes.

Learn different languages for free:

Bulgarian, English, Esperanto, French, German, Russian, Slovenian and Spanish.

* No ads
* No in-app purchases

* App recognition:
* This easy language learning game is the subject of PhD research and has been recognized by foreign language teachers in several countries.
* It was presented at the Polyglots Gathering in Berlin in 2016 and has been covered in multiple media and blogs, including the "Language Magazine" in the USA.
* It drew the attention of the teachers of the national schools for foreigners in Denmark as a possible easy language learning tool they would be interested to apply in their programs.

What are you waiting for?

Take the language learner challenge - download the game right now and learn different languages for free!

Release notes

Bulgarian and Russian native language support, reduced package size

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