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Zenzsual LLC

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Zenzsual LLC

Zenzsual LLC

Health & Fitness

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This App is the most advanced way to effectively perform the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles at home. It's like having a virtual trainer within reach of your smartphone to guide you in the important task of strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles. It's yoga for your vagina.
With the help of our Vagi™ avatar you will be able to achieve the goals you’re aiming for through a series of fun strength and speed exercises.
You can objectively evaluate the progress and motivate yourself to move forward using the calendar to record each session.
In addition to the exercise modules, you have a massage mode that will let you enjoy your sexuality alone or as a couple.
VayiYoga™, a product of Zenzsual™, educates you on the importance of keeping your pelvic floor healthy, it teaches you the probable causes of flaccidity of those muscles, and answers many other questions that you and many other women might have. This information is available on the User Help module.
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