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Kathryn Kronenberg

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Love Big Grams are meant to make someone’s day and put a smile on their face! Start a LOVE BIG R-EVOL-UTION with your LOVE BIG GRAM! Surprise family, friends, teachers and neighbors, and watch the beautiful Butterfly Effect of a shared smile!

Love Grams give us the chance to start living our best lives together! Begin creating a LIVE BIG COMMUNITY around you by sharing a special handwritten note via text message, email or Facebook. Pick one of the magical illustrations from Kat Kronenberg’s best-selling book Dream Big & Love Big, choose a beautiful photo from our amazing planet or use one of your photos that has meaning, and let your LOVE BIG REVOLUTION begin. Send away and bring a smile into someone’s day.

- Choose from a collection of important scenes from Kat’s Big Books to encourage someone to keep living and loving their best life!
- Choose from a collection of photos of The Heroic African Animals who dared to go after their best life in Kat’s books, to remind someone that shared dreams can and do come true! Included are some favorite photos to choose from as well.
- Choose from your own photo gallery and use it as the template for your LOVE BIG GRAM.
- Add a special personalized note, quote or encouragement to customize your e-Cards.
Choose your stroke size, color & opacity with an easy reset button if you want to try different ideas.
- Send away or share your wonderful designs for all to enjoy on social networks now!

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