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Quandora Question & Answer enable teams and organizations to share their knowledge in an easy, fun and secure way.

In order to get their work done, team members are constantly reaching out for help: for technical issues, customer information, company policies, best practices, and much more. Quandora Question & Answer enable teams and companies to ask questions, get answers, and share knowledge in an efficient, secure and pleasant way.

The questions and answers posted over time form a living knowledge base that’s searchable and accessible by any user, any time. Quandora is particularly easy to access thanks to tens of integrations with popular Enterprise tools: Slack, Google Apps, SalesForce, Yammer, ActiveDirectory, SAML2/OAuth, among others.

Main benefits:
- allows users to get answers fast, even when they don’t know whom to ask;
- saves people’s time by letting them answer to the whole team instead of one-to-one;
- allows personalized following of users and topics of interest;
- automatically qualify content’s relevancy through user ratings;
- offers a self-learning, centralized, searchable, integrated knowledge source for every day use.

Quandora for iPhone is available and free for Quandora Question & Answer subscribers.

Release notes

Truncate large Knowledge Base titles to avoid overflowing over the top bar

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