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NORDEN Whistleblower App

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NORDEN Whistleblower App

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NORDEN is committed to providing an environment where the high NORDEN standards and best practices are encouraged and safeguarded.
Any violation of law and regulations should be reported as soon as possible. Employees that have a concern should discuss such matters first with their immediate manager, head of department, HR, Legal or NORDEN Executive Management. Where this is not possible the whistleblower scheme including this app offers an alternative way of reporting.

The scheme provides safe access to reporting existing or potential violations of laws and regulations, NORDEN policies and guidelines, or other serious irregularities. The reporting can be done anonymously, or you can choose to identify yourself.

The whistleblower scheme is intended for the reporting of serious incidents or concerns.
Serious incidents or concerns may involve illegal activities, including economical crime or financial fraud, bribery and corruption, serious and material breaches of environmental laws, violation of health and safety regulations as well as sexual harassment.

Incidents or concerns that are not serious should not be reported in the whistleblower scheme. Instead, such incidents or concerns should be raised through NORDEN's usual channels or other appropriate personnel in the NORDEN Group.

Once a report has been made, you have the option to log in to the portal and any replies or follow-up questions from the investigator will be accessible to you. All subsequent interaction via the Portal is fully anonymous and the system and investigator relies fully on you being willing to log in to the Portal to see replies and receive feedback on the report. If the report is deemed to be founded, further investigation will be undertaken, and appropriate remedial action taken. If the report is deemed unfounded (or outside the scope of the Scheme), it will be deleted from the portal and the reporter will be informed via the portal.

All communication is anonymous and confidential unless you as reporter chose otherwise. The portal gives you the option to stay anonymous. You are encouraged, but not required, to identify yourself and explain our report and concern in sufficient detail to enable NORDEN to make a thorough investigation into the matter. Please provide as much information as possible.

Release notes

Updated the app to run on the newest version of our service.

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