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SwiftReceipt - receipt scanner

Version 2.1.3

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 5 / 5

Votes 7

SwiftReceipt - receipt scanner

Valorbyte Oy

Business, Productivity

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SwiftReceipt allows you to scan, save and group your receipts very easily! Offering simple and powerful tools for sharing and for creating PDF reports from your receipts, SwiftReceipt is a lot faster and easier than the competition.

Scanned receipts can be automatically cropped and filtered for better clarity and for making OCR (on-screen-reading) results better. SwiftReceipt also supports multi-page receipts!

In addition to the function of scanning receipts, you can also import both images and PDF-files to the app. SwiftReceipt can accept shared images and PDF files from any other app as well! So no worries if some of your receipts are PDF files! You can just import them and handle them like the scanned receipts.

With SwiftReceipt you can easily sync your documents with iCloud with zero configuration! All new documents and changes to old files will be automatically synced between your devices. The iCloud sync will also mean that everything is always backed up to cloud.

SwiftReceipt supports 156 currencies and will convert between currencies for you! Perfect if you need to handle multiple currencies with your business! You can instantly see your total spending in your local currency even though the receipts have multiple currencies.

SwiftReceipt has a powerful search that allows you to find your scanned documents very easily from either manual file comments or from the read text in the scanned images (using OCR*).

Share or export your scanned receipts and documents anywhere, compress them for email, or share high-quality versions to any other app.

*The OCR (on-screen-reading) currently supports the following languages:
- English
- Spanish
- Italian
- German
- Russian
- Finnish
- Chinese (simplified)

Release notes

- Fixed an issue which may have caused image saving to not work.

SwiftReceipt - receipt scanner screenshot oneSwiftReceipt - receipt scanner screenshot twoSwiftReceipt - receipt scanner screenshot threeSwiftReceipt - receipt scanner screenshot four