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[Private custom recommendation, give you a dark reading pleasure]
Rural fascination, urban sultry, fantasy, comprehension, tomb, gold, suspense, iron
The president of the giants, the pure love of the campus, the ancient saying, the cross of the palace, the fantasy, the original film and television

[Reading the works of these great gods is enough for you to hold for half a year]
Net text:
Tianshou potato, Tangjia three less, Nanpai three uncle, useless book, 拈花拂柳, cat greasy, Yanyu Jiangnan, with jade, one thought, Chen Dong, Ye Zi, Wen Yi Yiyi, fisher second generation, wandering 蛤蟆, book sea Twins, A Cai, I am Mu Mu, Yue Xia, Song Hai Ting Tao, Cat Kitten...
Bestselling author:
Mo Yan, Haruki Murakami, Han Han, Guo Jingming, Chen Zhongshi, Tong Hua, Liu Wei Zi, Dong Ye Gui Wu, Mi Meng, Feng Tang, August Changan, Zhang Wei, Liu Tong, Mark Li Wei...

[These best-selling red texts have been heard even if you have not read them]
Net text: "God stick small village doctor" "big master" "Urban invincible medical saint" "Cheat married president: single pet Xiaojiao wife" "Danwu supreme" "sole step by step" "breaking the sky" "first marriage after love: Husband and light pets, "Flower Thousand Bone", "Wang Gutian", "Ghost Blowing Light", "Emperor's Heart Tips", "Flashing Husband is too Fierce", etc.
Bestsellers: "Those things in the Ming Dynasty" "Wu Chuan" "Forensic Qin Ming" "Step by step startling" "The name of the people" "Three bodies" "Little times" "Hello, old time" "Your loneliness, Although defeated by Journey, "The soul has a fragrant woman", "Slightly smiles, it is a city", etc.

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