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VIC Token

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VIC Token

Victory Securities Company Limited


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VIC Token is a very cost-effective solution to fulfill the market and regulatory requirement on additional user authentication for online trading under a higher level of security.   A registered security token with user login makes the Software Token much suitable for online trading.   More importantly, the Software Token app renews the one-time password every 30 seconds without consuming any mobile data usage which highly enhance your true online trading experience anytime, anywhere.

VIC Token正好為日益增加的網上交易及合規安全性要求,提供優質有效的雙重認證功能。編碼器本身需作交易賬戶挷定及保安登入,而每30秒會自動產生一個新密碼以加強登入保障。 最重要是編碼器可在無數據情況下仍能操作及產生出新密碼,真正做到無區域及時間界限的安全網上交易。

VIC Token正好为日益增加的网上交易及合规安全性要求,提供优质有效的双重认证功能。编码器本身需作交易账户挷定及保安登入,而每30秒会自动产生一个新密码以加强登入保障。最重要是编码器可在无数据情况下仍能操作及产生出新密码,真正做到无区域及时间界限的安全网上交易。

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