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[Massive novels] The whole network of millions of novels casually watch, fantasy fantasy, urban romance, martial arts Xianxia, youth campus, through the overhead, horror suspense, historical military, comparable beauty, official power, workplace competition, science fiction, classic books, etc. There are all kinds of novels; more importantly, there is no advertisement in the whole process of reading, and the reading experience is great.

[Personality List] Pursue books based on millions of user evaluation data to help you find the best-looking novels and the current classic end list and hot original hot list: Agent Chuan Chuan Chuan Chuan Chuan, Choi Tian Ji, Joy 颂 2, one Grain red dust, Simei people, my wonderful boyfriend 2, do you know? Do you know? It should be green fat red, thin, general, marriage proposal, best woman, I am a big star, spiritual domain, reborn perfect era, black Cards, my beautiful apartment, tomb notes, ghost blowing lights and other dimensions to meet the preferences of all kinds of bookworms!

[Synchronized Update] Real-time cross-site search for popular novels across the network, synchronized with the author to update the cloud. More intimate real-time update reminder function, one-click to open the latest chapters of reading, so that chasing more fans do not miss any wonderful chapters!

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- Problem fixing: We fixed some small bugs that are not easy to find.

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