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The novel reading novels chosen by millions of readers, with a large number of genuine novels, understand?
Millions of popular TV drama novels, classic readings, content covering presidential novels, romance novels, crossover novels, fantasy novels, youth campus novels, Xiuxian novels, suspense novels, fan fiction, classics, various types.

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Version features:
[Massive Bookstore] Millions of original boutique novels, bringing you to the end of the book, never boring;
[Speed of Light Update] Many famous masters and new works are quickly updated, and the wonderful will never be late;
[Classic Net] "Tomb Notes" "Break the Sky" "Full-time Master" "Douro Continent" "Sha Hai" more classic novels waiting for you;
[Genuine Authorization] Exclusive Genuine God authorized, bringing you the hottest boutique novels nowadays;

Release notes

【update content】
- Problem fixing: We urgently fixed the crash problem
-Book update: We updated some books

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