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Great Voyage:pirate ship games

Version 1.0

Content Rating 12+

User Rating 5 / 5

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Great Voyage:pirate ship games

Rg Software Corporation

Games, Social Networking, Adventure, Strategy

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The great navigational hegemony takes you to the other side of the ocean, casting a blue dream. Classic port battles are set off again, returning to the era of navigation and achieving your hegemony.

[game characteristics]
1. Thousands of people joined in the competition and the Coalition Sea War seized the harbor.Thousands of people are online, gather members of the alliance at specific times of the week, and fight passionately to seize the harbor that belongs to you. Adventure world, fraud, robbery, let you really have a pirate addiction!

2. Initiate scientific and technological systems, and marvel at the ocean.Through the technology upgrade of the player base, let your ship have magical power and open a new chapter of voyage!

3. Treasure Exploration Runners, Massive Plays, etc.

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