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Luka Jovicevic

Photo & Video

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Qamera has two modes:


-Tap part of the scene that you want to be in focus and lift your finger to take a photo.


-Touch part of the scene that you want to be in focus (don't lift your finger)
-While touching, swiping horizontally (left, right) will adjust shutter speed. Swiping vertically (up, down) will adjust ISO sensitivity
-Lift your finger to take the shot.

Unleash more control on your photography with upgrade to Pro version:

+ Shutter speed – Choose between Whole stops (from 1/8000s, 1/4000s,...), Half stops (like 1/8000s, 1/6000s, 1/4000s,...), or Third stop increments(from 1/8000s, 1/6400s, 1/5000s,..., 1/25s, 1/20s,...etc.)

+ ISO Sensitivity - Get access to Whole increments (wider scale than Basic, from 3200 to 12) or Thirds (from 3200, 2500, 2000,...)

+ Grid - Let’s you use Balanced (two line grid that intersects at center and
separates scene in 4 quadrants), Thirds (classic rule of thirds grid) or Custom (Let’s you use your own grid template*)

*For using your own grid template visit for more information

We respect and value your privacy. Qamera doesn’t collect any data!

Release notes

-Added new feature: tap histogram to set auto values of ISO and shutter speed!
- Fixed issue with handling ISO and shutter speed adjustments.
- Fixed UI elements.
- Improved preview.
- Fixed cropping effect on iPhone XS Max.
- Reactivation process fixed.

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