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Flogirl Period-Period Tracker

Version 1.2.0

Content Rating 9+

User Rating 5 / 5

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Flogirl Period-Period Tracker

Wa Long Lei

Health & Fitness, Utilities

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Flogirl Period Tracker, an app for big aunt recording and tracking, is an essential menstrual recording tool for every girl's life!
Flogirl Period Tracker is an intimate tool to help girls better manage their bodies and health! Track your menstrual period and estimate your best time to conceive to better monitor your health changes.
This app is for people with the following needs:
* Precisely predict the menstrual period, prepare for the aunt to avoid a small encounter.
* Receive accurate forecasts and calendar reminders during the next safe period, aunt's period, and ovulation.
* Record your mood, symptoms, notes, etc. during your menstrual period.
* Record your ovulation and growth period.

Main features:
* personalized theme market, choose your unique cover with your preferences
* private exclusive menstrual and ovulation calendar
* statistics monthly aunt detailed data
* Accurately get the next menstrual date.
* Get information about the recommended pregnancy and ovulation.
*View the history of aunts at any time
Flogirl Period Tracker is a feminine calendar designed for women, providing warm care and rigorous calculations for women's aunts, leaving a valuable record and recording healthy life every day.

Release notes

1. Multiple function optimizations to make the experience more fluent
2. Solve some known issues

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