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小说阅读大全 - 小说阅读离线看书软件

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小说阅读大全 - 小说阅读离线看书软件

yuan wang

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Open it and enjoy millions of novels!
The whole network is super fast, the whole novel is updated in real time, and the necessary novel software for bookworms to chase books!
Download offline, import locally, read without internet!
There are many kinds of high-quality novels, which are the most abundant in aggregation! __________
Personality recommendation, only look at the popular fiction of the whole network!
It covers romance stories, suspense, fantasy, hegemonic president, miraculous city, etc.
Update God synchronization, real-time update reminders, read books in time, say no to waiting;
Flip the pages smoothly, record and read the books, read without advertisements, and watch for a day easily.
[Massive Novels]
Provides fantasy and fantasy, urban romance, Xianxia wuxia, youth campus, the president of luxury, Xiuzhen Tongren, horror, suspense and magic, game competition, historical overhead, military war, the end of science fiction, classic books, entertainment and sports, light fiction, fiction, reality network, cartoon animation, popular TV dramas and movies. There are all kinds of novels, such as the original works. Reading without advertising, perfect reading experience.
[Synchronized update]
Synchronize with the author's update cloud and update reminders. Read the update chapters with one click and never miss any excitement.
Product characteristics:
1. Integrate multi-platform books, rich resources for you to read for free, ranking of popular online novels, list of authoritative sites, professional list recommendation, rich thematic columns, so that you can find your favorite content more easily.
2. Visual and concise interface design, smooth page turning effect, timely updating and pushing of chasing novels, overall night reading mode, dedicated to making you get a better reading experience.
3. All the better, faster and more complete novel readers on the Internet are written in the Bi-Yi Pavilion novel reader.

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