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Blow it Up - Explosive Puzzles

Version 2.0

Content Rating 12+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Blow it Up - Explosive Puzzles

Nejc Skrbec

Games, Puzzle, Casual

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Meet your new friend Bob the Bomb! He is a friendly little man, who has an unfortunate fate of getting trapped in most unusual places. One time, he finds himself singing with the birds in the forest and another, he struggles to escape from a dreadful radioactive wasteland or even Area 51! Your task is to guide Bob and help him find and destroy explosives, which had been carefully hidden around the levels, and make him explode his way out!

We made Blow it Up with simplicity in mind, so anyone can help Bob on his mission! Slide your finger from left to right to help Bob aim and release your finger to shoot! The goal of the game is to complete the levels by using as little bombs as possible and destroy everything!

Explore action-packed levels full of obstacles such as fiery, sizzling pools of lava, swinging cranes, swift minecarts, extraordinary UFOs and more! These objects can be deadly, but are not invincible, as you can prove victorious over them using your strong wits! Use your skill to use the obstacles to your advantage and blow everything up! Sometimes you can find treasure in the strangest of places, so we also taught Bob how to use colorful portals to send bombs to remote areas of the map! Just remember to finish every level with a loud bang!

Release notes

Blow it Up has been completely REDESIGNED and REIMAGINED for version 2.0 so it is more fun, immersive, beautiful and EXPLOSIVE than ever!

Enjoy 27 new stunning levels using our new game mechanic, which has been simplified even further for a first-class experience! Just slide your finger across the screen to aim and release to shoot, in order to destroy 100% of the level!

The game has been refreshed with updated visual effects and redesigned animations to make it feel up to date with the new gameplay!

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