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Rogue Touch

Version 2.0.64

Content Rating 9+

User Rating 3 / 5

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Rogue Touch

Kevin Hill

Games, Adventure, Role-Playing

GBP 2.99

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Rogue Touch is based on the classic dungeon crawler Rogue. This famous turn based adventure-RPG has been re-designed from the ground up for easy touch screen gaming, no crazy keyboard commands or dozens of hard to learn gestures here! Rogue Touch is so simple a child can play, but still offers deeply strategic gameplay and literally hundreds of hours of fun and replay value!

Your mission is simple: Explore the Dungeons of Doom while trying to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor... Descend into the depths, find and identify strange and powerful items... Learn how to use your pack full of equipment effectively against increasingly dangerous monsters. Few have made it out alive with the Amulet. Do you have what it takes?

If you liked games such as Torneko / トルネコ / Taloon or Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (Chunsoft) you have to play Rogue Touch! Rogue is the great-grandfather of these games and spawned an entire genre of "roguelikes" over nearly 40 years.


"Rogue Touch is really a dream-come-true for fans of the genre. It's an impressive adaptation of a true classic." - Blake Patterson,


Rogue Touch features:
- Random dungeon layouts and items: no two games are ever the same!
- Graphical, animated actions, special monster attacks, traps, and more.
- Ambient background dungeon sounds, or play your own music while gaming.
- Auto-mapping feature with map overlay (including locations of doors, stairs, monsters and items)!
- Streamlined inventory-item-action system for simple touch gameplay. Read scrolls, Drink potions (or throw them at your enemies!) and much more with a clear, simple interface.
- Movement/Attacking is handled with classic touch control or a virtual D-Pad for single handed gaming on the go.
- Dedicated on-screen buttons for both "resting" to heal your character, and "searching" to find traps and secret doors.
- Auto save system records your progress upon exiting the game so you can resume exactly where you left off next time you play.
- All of the monsters and items as seen in the Rogue ports of the mid 1980s, plus *many* new items!
- Secret characters to discover and play as, with powerful special equipment and abilities!
- Online Leaderboards with many ranking categories and statistics! View your rank at:

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Release notes

Version 2.0.64:
* ZOMG an update, after 4 years!
* WOW its a big update!
* HEY there's a bunch of new and cool stuff in this update!
* 64-Bit Compatible, Position Independent Executable (iOS 8.0 is the new minimum requirement). Portions of the game engine have been re-written to support this as well as the other new features below... You don't even want to know the massive number of deprecations I had to fix dating back to the original support for iOS 2 (º_o)
* Retina Graphics - The dungeon never looked better thanks to a ton of new artwork by Jake Woodruff and a bit of tweaking by yours truly. Everything has been re-imagined in Hi-Res detail.
* Retina Text - Fixed again what has been broken for several iOS revisions, all text is now silky smooth.
* Play Your Own Music - Finally, seamless automatic detection means you can explore dungeons without interrupting your jam (or streaming, or podcast, or audiobook!). Rogue Touch also respects your mute switch.
* Gameplay Improvements - In addition to the classic "Search" for secret doors, you can simply walk into / push on walls where you believe the door is hidden. If you're correct it will be revealed automatically! Secret Doors and Traps may have small but noticeable visual differences now to help clue you in ;)
* Gameplay Improvements Part II - Interesting tweaks for extra damage and/or elemental immunities when weilding special weapons like ice, fire, electric, and blessed.
* Dungeon Improvements - Subtle tweaks to dungeon generator for room sizing, treasure placement, and more. Secret doors should nearly always lead somewhere interesting now, rather than a potential dead end.
* Pinch Zoom Improvements - Now you can enhance your view by zooming anywhere from 25% to 200% size to appreciate the detailed graphics close-up and personal.
* Settings Improvements - Finally, it's super easy access to RT settings, just touch the gear icon found in the upper left corner on the Title Screen.
* BUGFIXES - Lots of little annoying bugs fixed to provide a better dungeon exploring experience! Fixes for various crash conditions, stair placement bugs, and game-lockup at item use during the last turn before death are included.

If you enjoy playing this newly enhanced version of Rogue Touch, please write a review and let everyone know!

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