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Version 2.2

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Jenny Horne

Finance, Business

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Manage your spending with Bludget.

Bludget is a simple and elegant way of managing your expenditure.

- Decide on a budget (weekly or monthly)
- Enter your expenses - choose categories (and sub categories, if needed)
- Create categories and sub categories on the fly
- Add notes (you may need to justify buying that new pair of shoes later)
- Export reports via email

Bludget summarizes your expenditure and also allows you to drill down to examine your expenses in greater detail.


Bludget is easy to use.

- Add an Expense from the main screen using '+'
- Specify an amount
- Select the expense category and (if required) sub category - create a new category if you need it.
- Save your expense

Your expenses will be summarized on the main screen, click on a summary to see the expenses for the current time period.

Release notes

iOS 10 update

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