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Wild Hog Sounds

Version 8.0

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Wild Hog Sounds

Arsosa Network Inc.

Entertainment, Lifestyle

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Did you know that wild hogs make some of the most interesting swine sounds and noises? Download Wild Hog Sounds now and hear high-quality Wild Hog noises! You can use it to scare or prank your family/friends, it's also useful for hunting and for educational purposes. Wild hogs, also known as wild boars or wild swine, are close relatives of the domestic pig and they live in the wild. Unlike domestic pigs, they have tusks underneath their upper lip, which are very sharp and used as weapons.

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Our soundboard apps have been downloaded millions of times, and have been used for joking around with friends and family, to support favorite teams on game day, and even hunting. Our apps have been featured in many famous worldwide publications.

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- Easy to use, nice clean interface
- High-quality sounds (meticulously remastered to cut out any background noise)
- Loop option to play sound endlessly
- Random button to play sounds randomly
- Timer feature (select a specific time when to play sound)
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Release notes

- Awesome new interface
- Random play feature
- Timer feature

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