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Itefila's Asher Yatzar

Version 2.0

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Itefila's Asher Yatzar

Jaime Gabay

Reference, Lifestyle

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In Judaism, there is a blessing for everything....

In particular, Ahser Yatzar, which means "Who formed" refers to the complexity of the bodily functions. It is a blessing recited by jews as part of the morning blessings and every time after using the bathroom. Don't wait until you are sick to appreciate and give thanks for your health.

As of now using the iPhone, you can have it handy, no matter where you are. The small fee should save you countless doctor fees.

includes Hebrew, transliteration, English, Spanish, Italian and French texts.

Please recite the blessing with devotion inmidiately after you have left the bathroom, it is inappropiate to pray in the bathroom.

Yes, every time after using the bathroom, we wash our hands, (Once is enough, while some wash three times. There is no need to use a vessel, though some have the custom to use a vessel), and thank Hashem for maintaining our health and well being by reciting the bracha - Asher Yatzar.

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- Completely updated for iOS 10 (9.0+ compatible)
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