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Track Pregnancy&Baby: Preglife

Version 7.0.20

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Track Pregnancy&Baby: Preglife

Preglife AB

Health & Fitness, Medical

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With a 4.8 stars rating, used by 90% of mothers-to-be in Sweden,
we are proud to introduce the leading pregnancy app on the Appstore - Preglife:

Sweden has one of the best health care systems in the world and an almost zero maternal death rate. Most people would be content with that, but we want more. We believe that knowledge is power, and that more knowledge increases the chance of a safe pregnancy and childbirth. Through Preglife, we aim to empower women and their partners by providing accurate, up-to-date parenthood information so that they can make the best choices for themselves and their families during these weeks of wonder. It is toward this end that we created Preglife in the first place, and it is why the team shows up every day at the office where we devote ourselves to making this app the best it can be.

***Join the revolution! Download Preglife now, and have all the knowledge science has to offer in the most personal, accessible & relevant way***

- Pregnancy Calendar & Tracker - personal guides, tutorials and tips, week by week
- Baby development Tracker - track and monitor your newborn development milestones
- Diary & Photos - upload your baby bump & newborn pics, write your feeling and thoughts, and create your very own story book to always remind you of these weeks of wonder
- All the information you need - steadily growing archive of articles, a video-on-demand (VOD) service, and other smart tools
- Latest up-to-date Research Data - all information in Preglife is fully relevant and updated on a regular basis

***Don’t wait! Download Preglife now, and make sure your journey into parenthood is as wonderful as it can be***

We would like to welcome you to Preglife and wish you the very best of luck!
//Team Preglife

Release notes

Thanks for using Preglife! We’re constantly working to make the app even better and regularly release updates. Update to the newest version to get the latest functions and bug fixes. This version also contains:
- Design updates for some widgets
- Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes
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