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Wayne Dixon

Productivity, Utilities

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Having to re-type the same format for your daily TPS reports can become cumbersome. Instead of having to save the templates in email or elsewhere you can just have the format automatically created with the new file. This can save you time instead of having to type up the same format every time. Particularly, when there are new cover sheets to use.

wwriteLite allows you to take notes, create blog posts, and do type up anything else that you see fit. The plain-text format allows for more flexibility than working within an HTML environment. One of the perks of wwrite is that you have the ability to create and customize templates.

The app supports Slide Over, Split View, and all iPhone and iPad Sizes. There is keyboard support, including keyboard shortcuts. Just hold down the Command Key to find out all of the shortcuts.

The files that you create can be emailed individual, or an archive can be created; which can subsequently be emailed. You can also retrieve any archives through iTunes. If you're using an iPad, you can also import and export files using drag and drop to bring files in and out.

If you get stuck, or see a problem, just tap on Tools -> Support and either email or send a tweet and we can work through the problem.

Release notes

Support for iPad 10.2-inch and iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Fixed issue with Ad refresh rate not updating properly.

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